Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Rendering: Now Bug-for-Bug Compatible

Over the last week or so I have been doing a couple of things. Firstly, integrating FT2Font and the font-manager from matplotlib into mathtex to remove the dependency on matplotlib and secondly fixing various rendering issues.

As of r21 mathtex is now on a par with matplotlib. What follows are some sample renderings, showcasing what is currently possible and also highlighting areas where work is needed.

This showcases a simple square root. Although the left- and top-padding it is big excessive it is perfectly acceptable.

This is Euler's formula. Notice the un-even spacing around the = sign and the less-than-usual spacing around operators.

Here we have an integral. Although the fraction looks nice there is far too little spacing between the slanted integral symbol and the fraction.

And finally we have the quadratic formula. Instead of Computer Modern (Bakoma fonts) which are usually used with TeX this equation is typeset using the STIX fonts. Apart from a minor spacing issue (the -4ac) it renders quite nicely.

While my current focus is on getting a clean library API ready once that is done I should have time to correct some of these (minor) rendering issues.

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