Wednesday, 29 July 2009

YAPP (Yet Another Progress Report)

It only just hit that it has been well over a week since my last blog post. This is unfortunate, as I like to blog at least once a week. Without further ado here is what has been happening in mathtex this week.

Firstly, the matplotlib integration was tidied up. Mathtex is currently an optional component of matplotlib and has completely replaced the internal TeX rendering engine. I am hopeful that with a few tweaks it can be merged in the near future into the mainline matplotlib repository.

Secondly, the first public version of mathtex was released — 0.1 RC 1. However, due to an (embarrassing) slip-up on my part it was quickly superseded by 0.1 RC 2. For those who are interested it can be downloaded from Assuming all is well I hope to have a final release out by the end of the week.

Finally, the mailing list has been more active than ever! Over the past few days there have been several interesting discussions on equation breaking, build errors and how to use mathtex from a C/C++ application. Although not broad enough to constitute a blog post the topics make interesting reads nether the less.

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