Monday, 13 July 2009

Testing, Testing...

Sadly this week I do not have any pretty pictures to show you.

However, for those of you still reading I would like to tell you about the unit/regression tests that are being added in Mathtex. Anyone who has been watching the commit log will know just how easy it is to break something in Mathtex. I have done this several times without even touching the rendering code.

Therefore last week I started work on a regression testing suite to ensure that layout and rendering errors can be caught before committing. There are currently around forty tests which cover most of the functionality in Mathtex. The suite runs each test several times — at different resolutions with different fonts.

Currently passes and failures are determined by hashing the generated bit-maps and seeing if they match to the reference hashes (kept in subversion). However, this is currently dependant on the version of FreeType used. (Different versions produce slightly different bit-maps for the same input.) Hence I am currently looking into fuzzy comparisons in order to account for these slight variations.

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